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NFT Collection

Take advantage of this amazing offer today!

  • 1 of ONLY 5,000 presale NFTs (1000 per King)
  • Limited Edition Store (purchase a merch pack)
  • Use your NFT in our OTGN game
  • Included in our Merchandise
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What do I get?

Our presale offer is the same as our general launch with a set buy now price. You will be given an NFT related to your chosen King/Queen at random. The difference is you can purchase in dollars and at a flat rate. You will recieve an NFT and associated benefits as mentioned above.

How Soon Will I Recieve My Order?

Our team will arrange the details and you can expect to recieve you NFT into your designated wallet within 3 - 5 days. We will email you if you haven't included your wallet details when we are ready to transfer it to you and get your wallet information. Please ensure that it is all correct. Any issues email us at

*NFT presale price is cheaper than the start price on, the savings maybe much higher depending on how much NFTs increase with bidding.

*Incorrect wallet details may result in the NFT not receaching you. Our team accepts no responsibility for issues with incorrect information and no refund or substitute will be offered unless the issue is a direct result of our error or oversight.

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